Stanardsville Haunted Tours – 10/31

Stanardsville Haunted Tours – 10/31

Come to the Stanardsville Court House from 6-10 PM on Halloween, Saturday October 31st, and enjoy our family-friendly haunted tours.  The tours are free but a good will donation is requested to help the SIDC raise funds to put on the 4th of July festivities.

As the Blue Moon rises to fill the night sky and the veil between worlds grows thinner, guests will be treated to tall tales, ghost stories, and odd bits of history related to our town.

Hot dogs and cider will be available for purchase.

Please Note The Following:

  • Social Distancing is Required!  Only herds of zombies stand close together and trust us, you don’t want to be mistaken for a zombie.
  • Mask It, Not Casket!  Masks are required at all times.  We have enough ghosts on our tour and we don’t want to add more for next year because someone didn’t wear a mask at our event.
  • No Weapons Are Permitted Except the Costume or Toy Kind!  You never know what will jump out at you on one of our tours.  Could be a goblin, a ghost or a ghoul but most likely it is just one of our neighbors who we very much want to keep alive and in one piece.
  • Family-friendly costumes are encouraged.  It is Halloween after all.  Besides, you never know when there might be a prize or two given out for a clever costume.
  • No outside food or drink are permitted.  Instead we encourage you to try one or several of Mr. Bill’s hotdogs and wash them down with a cup of cider.
  • Tours are family-friendly but are PG-13 owing to descriptions of historical violence, murder and mayhem and a live reenactment of a Civil War field hospital.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Our stories tend to become more gruesome as the evening goes on, so families with young children are encouraged to come to one of the earlier tours.  We will not turn away a child from a tour, but we will not alter our presentations either.
  • Please bring an umbrella if it looks like rain.  Water helps us to identify the witches in the crowd, so we will still hold our tours in light rain.  Please visit our Facebook page if you think that weather will be an issue.  We will announce any modifications or changes to the event there.
  • Please bring a flashlight!  It may be a full moon, but a little extra light will make that you don’t trip over any black cats or grave stones!
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing.  We want you to be comfortable enough to enjoy yourselves, limber enough to run from zombies but slow enough that our tour guides escape them.
  • Have some fun, bring your friends and help out a great charity in a safe, socially distanced manner!  And remember, it’s Stanardsville—small town, big party!