2020 Convoy Parade Information

We’re Bringing the Parade to You!

The Red, White, Blue ‘n Greene in partnership with the Green County Sherriff’s Office and Spring Hill Baptist Church is happy to announce that there will be a modified July 4th parade this year.

Despite all of the negative impacts associated with COVID-19, the Stanardsville Independence Day Committee and the Greene County Community remain committed to celebrating the importance of togetherness.

The parade this year will be a convoy of vehicles led by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office that will travel through the county and bring the July 4th parade to various neighborhoods and locations in Ruckersville and Stanardsville.

A list of the neighborhoods as well as maps and approximates times/locations of the parade convoy are available on Facebook and our website here.

2020 Parade Convoy Maps

Due to the modification of the parade this year, space is limited to 30 entries. The first 30 entries to register via the online registration form will join us in the July 4th parade convoy.

2020 Car Convoy Parade Registration Form

(This form goes live noon on June 13th)

Registration for the parade will only be accepted via the submission of the online form. Requests made by word-of-mouth, e-mail, or Facebook will not count toward registration in the parade. Please make sure to read the guidelines associated with joining the parade before you submit your registration form.

Each registration submission is dated and time stamped at the time of its submission and will determine the 30 parade entries. Registration for the parade is first come first serve. Once 30 submissions have been received, registration for the parade will close.

We apologize to those who would like to participate but may not be able to due to the size limitation. We regret that this year’s parade is limited to only 30 entries. We would like to thank everyone in the community for your understanding and hope you will be able to enjoy watching the parade as it travels through Greene County.

The online registration form will go live at noon on Saturday, June 13, 2020. A link to the form will be provided on Facebook as well as on our website here.

The following are Guidelines & Requirements for Joining the Convoy Parade

  1. Please observe social distancing to the degree possible and wear face coverings when not in your vehicle.
  2. All parade entries must consist of road worthy, street legal vehicles capable of traveling safely at 55 MPH. Please also arrive with a full tank of gas! The convoy will not stop until the entire route is complete.
  3. Entries should be decorated but all decorations must be able travel safely at 55 MPH without danger of those decorations falling from the vehicle.
  4. No persons may ride on the back of vehicles or floats while they are traveling BETWEEN subdivisions. Once the convoy has reached the neighborhood of destination, and the speed reduces to parade speed, participants may ride on the float or in the back of the vehicle.
  5. While in formation, please keep your headlights and road hazard blinkers on and follow closely allowing the minimum safe operating distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to discourage unaware members of the public from accidentally joining the procession.
  6. Have some fun! Lights, music, bubble machines, etc., are all encouraged. Patriotic colors and displays are welcome and especially encouraged. Please be cautious where the height of decorations are concerned. Some roads and neighborhoods may have trees or cables that go across them.
  7. Owing to the large geographic area, the SIDC lacks sufficient volunteers to clean the parade routes following the parade. As such the TOSSING OF MATERIALS from any parade entrant (including, but not limited to, ice cream, freezer pops, candy, pamphlets, bracelets, etc.) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone observed doing so will be subject to a ticket for littering.
  8. For the safety of all parties, do not leave the parade early. Please remain with the parade convoy for the entire circuit. We anticipate that the parade will run from 10AM until about 1:15 +/- depending on traffic and flow.
  9. If you experience mechanical difficulties, please call parade organizer at either 434-882-0446 or 540-290-8344.