Who We Are

Stanardsville Independence Day July 4, 2017The Stanardsville Independence Day Committee (SIDC) is a group of volunteers who report to the Stanardsville Town Council. The SIDC is annually tasked with the planning, funding, promotion and execution of the town’s annual Red, White, Blue ‘n Green (RWBnG) Independence Day celebration.

Through the years, the fundraising events put on by the SIDC to fund the Red, White, Blue ‘n Greene have grown in number and frequency until they have now become community events in their own right. These events have included, but are not limited to: Red, White, Blue ‘n Greene Hills Golf Tournament; Greene Beer Fest; Summer Brewing Contest; Oktoberfest; Haunted Tours of Stanardsville; Tricks ‘n Treats; and the Stanardsville Holiday Bazaar. The SIDC also engages in “Days of Service” which provides volunteer labor to support community initiatives and to meet needs identified from within the community.


  1. Bring the community together in celebration of our shared, small town, American identity.
  2. Showcase Greene County and the Town of Stanardsville as a family-friendly, tourism-friendly place in which to visit and conduct business.
  3. Benefit scores of local charities to strengthen the safety network of our community through philanthropy and exposure.

The Red, White, Blue n Greene is funded by donations from our community members and business leaders.

Celebrate the Red, White, Blue ‘n Greene in Stanardsville, Virginia this year and experience small town America at its finest. Enjoy a parade down Main Street, great music from regional favorite bands like Groove Train and Lydia Station and enjoy a host of games and attractions in our kids area including a ride on the Stanardsville Express barrel train. All of the excitement builds momentum towards the grand finale–the Capitol Sheds Community Fireworks Display—one of the largest in Central Virginia!

For more information, email: info@stanardsville.org
or follow us on Facebook:  www.fb.com/RWBnG